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My Lived Experience


I believe that we heal by coming into relationship with others.

Many of my clients live in the margins and liminal spaces of the world and often identify as queer, polyamorous, kinky, neurodivergent, or simply have a general sense of being out of place or time. These identities are often (but not always) related to experiences of anxiety, trauma, or depression and may influence clients' ability to connect to others, express themselves, and set healthy boundaries. Therefore, it is of great importance you feel connected to your therapist and that they are able to "get it".

I primarily move through the world as a White, able-bodied man who easily and naturally passes as straight and cisgender. Despite these privileges, I identify as queer, pansexual, nonbinary, and polyamorous and am involved in the kink/BDSM and furry communities. These identities, and communities have allowed me to become a more competent, empathetic, and open therapist who has a deep appreciation for the ways that stigma and oppression can impact my clients' day-to-day lives.

I maintain a spiritually active life and jokingly describe myself as "Buddh-ish" - ascribing to many Buddhist beliefs and practicing sitting meditation or yoga almost daily. Developing these and beginning to practice more frequently in community has been instrumental as I've worked to process my own religious trauma associated with my upbringing in Christianity in the Bible Belt. My beliefs and practices centered around spirituality have led to a greater understanding of who and what I am and are intertwined with how I approach therapy and think about ways that we heal and change.

Outside of these, I am often found in my woodshop, running, or enjoying nature. I relish the concreteness of woodworking and the creative process of bringing something into form, and have made much of the furniture in my office. I've been running for years and love the seeking and trying to maintain the "runner's high" as a way of altering my own consciousness. As for nature, I enjoy the respite from the busy world and opportunity for personal reflection and challenge that solo backpacking affords. My dogs and husband often join me on these adventures and I'm very glad for their company whenever they do.

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