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KAP Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I be enrolled in KAP treatment?

CIC's KAP treatment is intended to be a short-term intensive approach that involves ~30 hours of therapy over a period of 10-12 weeks. The exact frequency and duration of treatment are decided on collaboratively during the Planning and Preparation phase


What does ketamine feel like?

It is impossible to describe exactly how you will experience your ketamine treatment or any experience common to all clients. Your treatment experience is altered by the set (you), setting (psychotherapy), and dose. Your prescriber and Dr. Hearn work with you to discuss possible effects and identify an appropriate starting dose.


At lower doses, you may experience yourself as more open, talkative, able to relax, or as having greater personal insight. As dose increases, you may experience dissociation from your body, sense of self, and alterations to typical ways of thinking, feeling, and sensing. These effects are experienced as pleasant by many, though they may include brief periods of high intensity or negative experiences, including fear of dying (typically only at peak effect on higher doses). Should these occur, they are generally resolved through providing emotional support or regulation exercises.


How long can I expect effects from KAP to last?

Day Of KAP Experiential : The immediate effects of ketamine lozenges are quite short (~1.5 - 2 hr) and will generally have lifted before you leave session, though there may be noticeable increases in emotional sensitivity for some hours after. Additionally, after session you may still be somewhat disoriented or experiencing minor motor impairment and thus are required to have a ride home from session and agree not to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery for the remainder of the day.

Week After: Alone, administration of ketamine has found that it's antidepressant and neuroplastic effects are relatively short, lasting up to two weeks with repeated administrations in a single week. During this "afterglow" period, you may notice a lifted mood, greater ease in initiating/completing tasks, and more emotional receptivity and sensitivity. Any gains made during this period are reinforced during integration therapy sessions.


Month After: By building on any personal insights from Experiential Sessions and the brief windows for emotional and behavior change that they open, clients may experience longer lasting benefits and symptom relief than through ketamine administration alone.


How much does KAP cost?

My standard hourly rates are $180/hr, though I am occasionally able to provide clients with a sliding scale or pro-bono space for KAP work. A full round of KAP lasts ~30 hours and therefore costs ~$5,400 at the Standard Rate. Clients are are also responsible for payment to their referred prescriber (~$250 initial assessment; ~$125 follow-up; ~$60 for prescription fill).

KAP clients are provided with a Good Faith Estimate detailing total estimated costs incurred with CIC after completing the Assessment Session.


Do I have to complete a "Full" KAP treatment or can I come in for just one session?

In short, no. Though clients may withdraw from treatment at any time, I ask potential clients to commit to at least two Exploratory Sessions before agreeing to work together. Potential clients are encouraged to commit to the full 6 KAP experiential sessions over a 4 week period in order to maximize the physiological effects of ketamine, but this is not required.


What if I want to come back after completing the full KAP treatment?

Clients are welcome to engage in KAP therapy beyond their initial treatment provided that my availability permits. I keep one open KAP session per week for returning clients who have completed a full treatment. However, KAP as provided by CIC is NOT intended to be a maintenance treatment.

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