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Stages of KAP



Screening & Consultation

  • Learn about you and your goals for KAP

  • Answer questions about the KAP process

  • Review cost of services



Planning & Preparation

  • 2 - 4 Preparation sessions
    • Review ketamine effects and expectations for Experientials

    • Refine goals and intentions
    • Further address areas of concern




  • Review current and past experiences and areas of concern

  • Determine whether you are a good candidate for KAP

  • Plan and schedule Preparation & Exploratory Sessions



KAP Exploratory Sessions

  • 2 Ketamine Experiential Sessions

    • Internal work with therapist support

  • Integration Session(s) After Each Experiential
    • Process emerging material
    • Reinforce gains



Prescription Referral

  • Partnering Prescriber

    • Conducts independent assessment

    • May prescribe up to two doses for Exploratory Sessions


Prescriber Reassessment & Continuing KAP Sessions

  • Prescriber Follow-Up

    • Review progress, refill prescription

  • Repeat 4-6 additional cycles of
    • Experiential Session
    • Integration Session(s)
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